Refund policy

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  1. If you discover any manufacturer defects or damage incurred during shipping, Caribou will work with you to resolve the issues. If necessary, we will coordinate the production and shipment of replacement goods.
  2. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you may return or exchange goods within 30 days of receipt. You will be refunded the original purchase price less a 20% restocking fee. Please note that you will be responsible for the return shipping expenses. Also, note that custom items cannot be returned.

IMPORTANT: Inspect Merchandise Upon Delivery. Retain Original Packaging.

We will notify you when your item is shipped via a freight carrier.  It is very important to inspect the goods upon receipt. You MUST note on the received shipment if there is any visible damage to the shipping crate notify us of any damage within 24 hours of receipt of goods. You should hold onto all original packaging material as it might prove useful should you need to file a claim against the shipping company or if the goods must be returned to the manufacturer. 


If you need to return goods, first email us at Include in your email the name shown on the order, the order number, the order date and the reason for the return. We will email you instructions for completing your return. It’s important that you do not return an item before receiving return instructions from us.


If you need to cancel an order, contact us immediately. We will make our best, reasonable efforts to cancel production and/or shipment.

Refused or Undeliverable Shipments

If a shipment is determined by the shipper to be undeliverable or refused at the address provided by the client for any reason other than obvious damage, you will be liable for return shipping costs plus a 20% restocking fee of the full purchase price if the goods are made-to-order and show no sign of damage. If an item is undeliverable because the delivery address provided is incorrect or invalid, or if the freight carrier is unable to reach you to schedule delivery, the goods will be returned to the manufacturer or warehouse and considered undeliverable.

Our return policy is subject to change without notice.