Caribou Block

Made with pride by Canadian artisan cabinetmakers in Edmonton, Alberta, our Caribou block is built to last. The species, thickness, stain, and profile of the wood can be chosen from our many available options to create any custom piece. We use non-spliced wood blocks sealed with RF glue technology, ensuring a flawless, food-safe finish to any commercial or residential furnishing.

When it’s made this well, Caribou is guaranteed to last a lifetime.
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End + Edge Technology

Our proprietary End+Edge Technology makes our Caribou butcher block completely watertight, food safe, and impact resistant, all while giving a 100% matte sheen that’s identical to that of a traditional oiled and waxed butcher block.

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Caribou butcher block can be used for countertops, work benches, desks, dining and coffee tables, and any other kind of furniture imaginable.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our product is protected by a limited lifetime warranty against defect in workmanship and material, including excessive warping, delaminating, and cracks in the material.

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Sustainability initiatives have become an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully.  Caribou is proud to partner with OneTreePlanted to fulfill our Reforestation Efforts.

For every countertop sold, Caribou will plant a tree!

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