Cutting Board

Every Caribou butcher block is uniquely designed for the customer’s needs and is 1.75" thick with a 1/4" rounded edge profile. Our natural products vary in grain, colour, and hew, causing each to work best in a specific application. Choose a species that will work with the design you’re looking for.

Red Oak

This classic hard wood has strong up-front grains with a reddish tinge, has loose pores for good stain absorption, and wears well in all applications.


Natural maple creates a timeless, understated beauty with its clear, light colour, minimal grain, and low stain absorption. Maple’s tight grain makes it an ideal food prep countertop.

The grain style dramatically changes the look and performance of a product. Choose one of the following styles to create your custom piece.

Face Grain

A face grain displays the natural grain of the wood as it appears on the widest portion of the board after milling. The grain is cut into blocks and flipped 180 degrees, so the natural forces of the wood shrinking and growing work against each other. This keeps the product true and free from warping. A face grain takes stain well and gives the countertop a more natural wood appearance.