Will my countertop split or warp?

Only in extreme temperatures and humidity. The End+Edge Technology seals the core of the product making it more resilient than comparative products. Additionally, the radio frequency, wood aging and grain matching techniques that Caribou employs greatly limits these issues.

What kinds of wood are available through Caribou?

Please see our surfaces section or visit a dealer.


Lakeside Surfaces 

Is End+Edge Technology food safe?

End+Edge Technology is certified food safe by NSF International.

How is the butcher block made?

We cut the raw material of your choice into roughly 2″ strips and flip the grains of each piece so they are perpendicular to each other, allowing the natural stresses of the wood to counteract each other. Next we glue the entire joint beetween pieces and clamp the slab in our eight-tonne radio frequency press. Finally the butcher block is planed, sanded, and cut to size before adding an edge profile. Finally, we implement the End+Edge Technology process as a final finish.

How do I take care of my butcher block? Do I have to use any oils or special treatments?

Our End+Edge Technology maintains a permanent finish, so no oils or special treatments are needed.

Can I wash my butcher block with soap and water or disinfectant?

We recommend using a mild vinegar solution with water. You can also use soap and water, but we don’t recommend using harsh chemicals.

How long will my butcher block last?

If it is properly taken care of, the Caribou block will last a lifetime.

Can I cut directly on my butcher block countertop?

Caribou butcher block is essentially a large slab of cutting board and will take a knife’s edge in the same way. Don’t cut on the countertop unless you want knife marks on the surface. You can protect the surface by using a cutting board.

How long is your product warranty/guarantee?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty. Please see our residential or commercial product warranty for more information.