Caribou butcher block can be used for commercial countertops, kitchen backsplashes, shelves, cutting boards, and custom furniture pieces. Our artisans can produce large volumes of custom butcher block using any kind of wood in any shape and size.



Caribou butcher block products are handcrafted by Canadian artisans to survive in the world’s harshest climate. While mass-produced products can break or wear down, Caribou is built to last.

As part of our philosophy of continual improvement, we take steps to build a better butcher block. Each of the pieces are layered and glued together for a stronger bond and greater support.

The butcher block is then aged and treated with Caribou’s proprietary End+Edge Technology. This polyspray application is food safe, waterproof, and impact resistant, so it protects seams and grain against everyday damage while eliminating the need for maintenance.

End + Edge Technology

End+Edge was developed out of a need that arose from our major commercial clients. Restaurants needed a durable, chemical-proof finish that required little maintenance. They also wanted a warm, natural-looking finish that was smooth to the touch, not a maintenance-intensive wax or a shiny, candy-coated poly finish that would flake off in a year.

Our master woodworkers worked closely with a local chemical engineering firm that specializes in concrete sealants. The firm rose to the challenge by altering a formula that was originally developed as a protective coating for the bottoms of oak railway cars. The result was End+Edge Technology, a specialized process resulting in high clarity, and a rock-solid finish.

End+Edge is Nation Food safety certified, chemical resistant, totally waterproof, and UV and impact resistant. It’s available in a matte finish which is almost completely invisible in texture and appearance.

This finish is the finest on the market and is only available on Caribou products.

Jointless Full-Length Sticks

Each 1-3/4” block that makes up a Caribou surface runs the entire length of the slab. There aren’t any small blocks to affect the aesthetic, and there are no joints to weaken the surface’s structure.

Product Aging + Testing

Raw lumber is carefully aged in our facility. This allows the wood to acclimatize until the core reaches 5% moisture content or lower. Each lift is tested before a production run to reduce any future warping issues due to the surface “drying out” after install.

No Exotics

We only use tried and true North American hardwoods that have a proven track record for performance. While exotic woods like Zebrano and Purpleheart are beautiful, the results are unpredictable when they’re exposed to our ever-changing climate.

RF Gluing Technology

When blocks are being assembled, traditional gluing and clamping reintroduces moisture into the surface’s core. Carpenter glue takes up to 36 days to fully cure, and this extended exposure to moisture can cause warping over time. RF gluing technology, on the other hand, fuses wood blocks together in eight minutes by drying the adhesive from the inside out. Less exposure to wet adhesive means a dryer core, a better bond, and far less failure due to warping.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our product is protected by a limited lifetime warranty against defect in workmanship and material, including excessive warping, delaminating, and cracks in the material.



Opposite + Opposing Grain Positioning

Each block is oriented and flipped so that the grains of the next block are running in the opposite direction. Combined with the use of full-length pieces, this allows any residual stresses in the wood to work against each other, maintaining a straight surface and preventing warping.